COVID-19, The Big Reveal

        COVID-19, a dangerous, highly contagious virus currently attacking millions of people. Usually, due to pollution, loud noises, and the lack of environmental understanding, most animals besides humans struggle to survive in this harsh world that we have created for them. Are we bad people? Of course not! We are just trying to get a job, to keep that job, to keep a roof over our heads, to get food to eat, and then, maybe, fit in a little “me time”.
        Us staying inside because of COVID-19 has allowed for these struggling animals to recover and noticeable effects like this will allow environmentalists to prove the negative effects that are caused by our habit-based system. Now, companies that financially thrive from damaging our home

(like Monsanto behind the sickening, most used herbicide Roundup (the widespread use of Roundup Ready GMO crops increased use of herbicides in the U.S. by 527 million pounds (source: EcoWatch) which is bad because roundup has greatly lowered the population of pollinators such as honey bees and butterflies (source: Sierra))) will try to convince us that the air wasn’t really cleaner, that we couldn’t actually hear the birds chirping in Los Angeles, that coyotes weren’t hanging out on the Golden Gate Bridge.
        The thing is, though, the planet needs us, so I encourage us all, when our schedule permits, to take a few minutes to do one or more of the following for our planet; sign a petition, write a blog about the environment, or read an article about Earth. Think about what our world would be like if we were all willing to lend a helping hand to it even if that would be just a small act of kindness from everyone in the world. What would our home feel like? What would our world look like? (Think about the answers to those questions.)
        If each person helps our world a little bit, then, in no time, we would be living in paradise! But the only way this would work, is if we all take part in the procedure. The earth is crying out for help and the only way that we can fix all of the disturbance and corruption that we have accidentally and so, very undeliberately brought upon our world is all by working together in collaboration and by relying on each others’ cooperation in this rescue mission because THIS MOVEMENT NEEDS EVERYONE.
        A few ways you can contribute to this Earth rescue mission are; driving less, if possible, (in order to reduce air solution), throwing garbage into garbage cans and not onto the ground (to reduce potential ocean pollution and to save fish), using both sides of papers, if possible, (in order to slow down paper production so that trees have time to grow back), quitting smoking which is challenging but it is the rite thing to do for; you, other animals, future generations, our environment, and in order to bring air pollution back into control, and supporting charities or, maybe, even creating one (to use citizen power against companies putting money before our beautiful world). For very important and extremely touching information, I urge you to read this beautifully written article.

        AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ALL SMOKERS FROM CEO OF SHANE.CARE SHANE STAMM’LER-ADAMSON: “Especially considering the recent outbreak of COVID-19 attacking the lungs in a similar way as smoking, I implore you to fight against people who put money before people’s lives by selling products containing nicotine (actually one of the most toxic poisons which causes stroke, heart disease, heart failiure, and more) and tobacco (which causes heart and lung disease, cancer, and several other menacing diseases). So, even though it is hard to quit, it is still possible, and people like you have done it. Every attempt to quit counts. Each time you try, you learn more, and the more you learn, the closer you are to quiting. EVERY TRY COUNTS. So escape from tobacco and/or nicotene’s threatening control over your life by clicking here. Want more reasons to quit? Just click here.

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Ever since I was a baby there's been some voice inside my head inspiring love, love for the environment, love for what it is, and love for love. I hope you will care too, care to bring out the love in everyone's soul that is necessary to fix the severe damage that we have caused in this once beautiful and peaceful world that we live in. I started this journey at 9 years old and now I am eleven years old going on 25.

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